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casey, tucker, chance, and boo 045Joyce Savitz has headed various yoga and exercise programs around the City of Jacksonville since 1976.  She has taught segments of Yoga on Channel 12 and Channel 4.  She has been featured in the Times Union,  Ponte Vedra Recorder, Beaches Leader, Jacksonville Business Journal, Water’s Edge Magazine, Folio Weekly and Women’s Magazine.  Dr. Joe Barton has had her as a part of his feature of total health.  Joyce is the first yoga teacher to bring Anusara to this area and now is the first teacher doing a Teacher Training for others to immerse themselves in this powerful style of yoga. (More information on the Teacher Training can be seen on the Workshop Page).  Joyce has 3 DVD’s which can be previewed on the DVD Page. Joyce Savitz enjoys the distinction of being the first trained  MELT instructor in Northeast Florida. Joyce finds much personal satisfaction through helping other people to learn how to look and feel better with MELT each week. With sessions at her JacksonvilleYoga.com studio, and at select locations in the Jacksonville area, Joyce has helped many local people learn how to improve sleep, breathing, digestion, energy level, and achieve an improved feeling of overall well being. MELT helps to re-hydrate connective tissue, enhance body awareness, and quiet nervous systems. Having an extensive background not only in Yoga but also MELT and Massage Therapy allows Joyce Savitz to be Jacksonville’s best trained expert in helping her clients get out of pain and feel the freedom to enjoy life fully!

Since 2012, Joyce has delved herself in working more with connective tissue.  Since being a massage therapist since 1984, she recognized how much relief was brought to her clients.  Working with rollers seemed to help as well because it was working with connective tissue.  As we age the connective tissue gets more dehydrated.  Joyce experienced this in 2012 with lower back and knee pain.  Working with the connective tissue helped her relieve her pain more than yoga!  What a predicament! However working with the Bowspring Yoga she realized that it honed in more on connective tissue which made total since.  This is why she is now teaching this area, yet again, another brand new way to work their body mind and spirit.  “This is not a form that the masses will follow YET.  I give it 2-10 years to catch on” says Joyce

If you are open to a brand new way to work that will relieve your pain and open your spirit, Join us!!

Joyce Lasch, Jacksonville Yoga Instructor.JOYCE LASCH, Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher, leads a Level One Yoga class on Thursday evenings at 6:15.  She  completed her 200 hour teacher training here at Jacksonvilleyoga.  This intensive year-long program has opened more doors for Joyce, both in her personal yoga practice and her approach to teaching.  Her studies have also brought more balance in her life opening her body and mind to new possibilities. Joyce has been a fitness instructor for over 18 years , teaching classes around the Beaches for the last 18 years.  She holds several certifications from national fitness organizations.  Joyce initially pursued yoga training through the fitness industry and has taught yoga classes in local gyms for over nine years.  In 2006, Joyce started studying Anusara Yoga with Joyce Savitz. Joyce has loved movement since her early days in dance classes and particularly enjoys the energy generated in a group environment.  She was first attracted to Anusara Yoga due to the therapeutic value of physical alignment.  She has learned that the practice of these alignment principles creates a safe place for the body, mind and spirit to be uplifted to a higher vista! She loves how Anusara combines the openness and softness of heart with strength and stability. Join Joyce Lasch on Thursday evenings at 6:15.

 Alma Largey has been teaching yoga for the past seventeen years, with a style that combines compassion and grace with spirit and breath. She teaches a vigorous, playful, and spirited flow-style Vinyasa classes, which emphasizes breath awareness, mindfulness and alignment.
Alma encourages her students to observe their breath and practice on and off the mat to uncover their innate truth, gentleness and beauty. Classes are mixed level, and challenge students to develop their physical practice while widen their mental and spiritual path.
She has been certified by OM Yoga Center in New York City (200-hour) as a Vinyasa teacher and by the Himalayan Institute (500-hour) with a Hatha Yoga Certification. In addition, she is certified as a Prenatal Yoga teacher by Janice Clairfield.
 Alma’s additional yoga studies have been with Rodney Yee (Advanced Teacher Training) and François Raoult. She has completed an in-depth program of meditation practice at The Shambhala Meditation Center, in New York. Since 2009, she is a student of the ancient teachings of the Bon tradition of Tibet, under Genyen Tempa Dukte Lama.
 She has been frequently, interviewed and featured in a series of articles for the American Baby Magazine and consulted by Robin Aronson for the Whole Pregnancy Handbook. In November 2008, she published “Children on the Spectrum: A Journey” a book and DVD on Yoga and Autism.  Join Alma on Tuesday’s at 10:30am and Wednesday at 6:30pm
More information: www.almayoga.com