Yoga Class & Massage Therapy Prices

Refresh your body and spirit with restorative Yoga classes, or a relaxing therapeutic massage, all at reasonable costs!

Jacksonville Yoga Classes Yoga Classes: view class descriptions | schedule an appointment
Walk-in $20.00*
Ten week
progressive series
Students are welcome to join after series has started.REFUND POLICY:   We can give refunds before a series starts (less a $30 administration fee).  No refunds after a series has started.  
Punchcard:  8 classes within 3 months(your guest may use your card) $135.00*

Private session $85.00*
Private session with 2 to 5 people $120.00*
Jacksonville Massage Therapy Massage Therapy: view therapy descriptions | schedule an appointment
One half  hour session $50.00
One hour session $85.00
Hour and a half session $120.00

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