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Don’t Quit Inspirational Video

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Sometimes we find ourselves challenged by events in our daily life.

Life is full of challenges.  That will not change

It is how we respond to these challenges that makes the difference in our lives.

Yoga helps us find peace and relaxation.

When you are challenged, remember the courage of this kid and the encouragement from his class mates! You’ll love it!

Our Thanks to yoga teacher Chris Courtney of for sharing this video on

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Never, Ever Give Up – Believe in Yourself

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

This is such an inspirational video, of a young man who believed in himself, and kept working toward his goal; incredible!

Yoga helped this fellow improve his health.

Jacksonville Yoga classes can help you to improve your health and achieve your goals.

Contact Jacksonville Yoga today to get started.

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2011 Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training Class Completion

Friday, January 13th, 2012

The 2011 Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training group has completed their 200 hour Yoga course.  Just look at this talented and beautiful group of fit and feeling Great ladies!

2011 Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training Class

Congratulations to Rita, Joanie, Debby, Marcy, Deborah, and Kendra!


Deborah T.:  I would recommend this training to anyone that wants to learn the proper way to align your body and self with the Divine beauty in all.  Highly recommend this to help anyone grow physically and spiritually.

Rita K:  By going to teacher training  at monthly over a year, by applying the knowledge learned and by practicing in between, my body has finally connected to nature in a way it never has before.  I can actually feel it aligning with nature.  Things I know are bad for me, my body now rejects and responds the best to my yoga practice.  Thank you!

Debby D.  As an experienced instructor already, this training opened my heart to the heart expanding style of Yoga that was missing in my practice.  Anusara has opened my eyes to having your goodness be the primary purpose for yoga.  As a reflection of this training, my students have told me they feel a deeper connection to their hearts and to my heart.  Thank you!  It was exactly what I was searching for!

Marcy V.  I signed up for the training with the goal of improving my personal practice.  Of course, I achieved that but unexpectedly, I feel more open and blissful about my personal choices in life.  The cherry on top is that I am excited about the opportunity to teach so that I can share my knowledge and “Purna” with others!

You can still sign up for our 2012 Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training class which starts in March.

Find out more about the 2012 Jacksonville Yoga Teacher Training class.

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Be Yourself

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Yoga sessions are peaceful, relaxing, stress-relieving periods for meditation, stretching, and exercise.

You can enjoy Yoga by yourself, and as part of a group in one of our classes.  Yoga is an opportunity to be at one with yourself; a time to enjoy being who you are.

Because Jason McElwain loves basketball, he did not let autism define his life.  Although Jason is a highly functional autistic, he became manager of his high school basketball team, scored big in the final game of his senior year, and is now volunteering as assistant coach for his former high school’s junior varsity team; all because of his persistence and personal determination.  Watch his inspiring video.

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Share Happiness

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Do you ever feel so good that you just want to share it with others?

We offer the most fully equipped and relaxing yoga studio in Jacksonville.   Jacksonville Yoga shares Yoga classes and provides personal massage therapy to help you feel your best.

When you feel good, you might want to express your happiness in dance like the people in this video.

Contact Jacksonville Yoga, and let us help you feel good!

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John Friend speaks on Technology for positive social change

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

My Yoga teacher, John Friend, plans to use the internet and technology to spread Anusara Yoga’s methodology to wider audiences.

In this interview he talks about redefining the word “technology” as be a force for positive social change.

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Yoga in the Park

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Yoga in the Park 2011, for In the PinkJoin in a wonderful Yoga event on Saturday, September 10, 2011, to pay tribute to all cancer survivors and participate in a peaceful morning of relaxing Yoga exercise and refreshing discussion, easily adaptable by everyone, regardless of religious or cultural background.

Yoga in the Park is being held to raise funds for the non-profit 501c3 organization In the Pink…a Jacksonville Beach boutique for women living with cancer.

To Register online for the Yoga session, for the t-shirt, or for the Spirit Special (Yoga and t-shirt combo, at a $25).

or you can Mail or FAX this Registration form.


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Yoga for FOJA – Friends Of Jacksonville Animals

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Joyce Savitz, the only certified Anusara Yoga teacher in Northeastern Florida, will be leading a 60 minute, All Levels Flow class on Sunday, August 7, 2011, from 2 to 3 PM, at Jacksonville Yoga studio to raise funds for FOJA, Friends Of Jacksonville Animals.Friends of Jacksonville Animals, Inc.

You will enjoy this class as it flows from one Yoga pose to the next; from warm-up poses to cool-down poses, with a selection of refreshing Yoga poses in between.

Jacksonville Yoga Studio is located at 391 Third Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, Florida (Behind Taco Bell).

This restorative Yoga event, YOGA FOR FOJA, is open to the public, with a $20 donation per person to help Friends of Jacksonville Animals.  All donations will be appreciated.

The Friends Of Jacksonville Animals, Inc. was founded in 2008 by a small group of volunteers who recognized that the animals who arrived at the city’s shelter frequently needed far more than the care and services that the city of Jacksonville’s budget allowed.

FOJA believes every adoptable animal deserves to live and that innocent animals should not be put to sleep simply because a society says there is no room for them.

All funds donated to FOJA go to aid local homeless animals.

Even if you do not have experience in Yoga, you will enjoy the feeling of freedom in your mind, body and spirit.
What a great reason to refresh yourself with Yoga; help animals and help yourself at the same time!

To sign up for the Yoga for FOJA event, please Contact Joyce, or sign up on the Yoga for FOJA Facebook event.

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Using Your Imagination to Work and Play with Fear

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Last Saturday, I saw the movie the Green Lantern and it was such a wonderful visual of how fear can get in our way and how using our imagination we can push it away.    However, it  takes focus and practice.    This movie is great for all ages and has a message that can be well received.

The Green Lantern was an example of what we practice in connecting with our Source and how powerful this source is.  It showed that we can actually have fun with our imagination and find creative ways to find the strength within to push away whatever it might be that scares us.  Seeing this on the big screen in 3 – D really enhances the  entertainment.

I really felt uplifted when I left this movie and I think you will too.   Using this message from the Green Lantern in my meditation, I found it to be really fun freeing my imagination to fight off fears and enhance the strength that is innate within.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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Oogie Proves the Power of Love

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I just watched this video about Oogie.  This awesome dog so full of love has a past that is so sad.  He was such a victim yet had the innate courage, wisdom to stay alive.  As I watched the video, knowing that the end of the story was going to be “good”, it was still difficult to think about how cruel people can be to set up this guy for such a terrible situation.  So there goes my judgement.  What do I know about “these people”.  What do I know about a culture that seems to see this as ok?  I have to admit, that is a tough one for me to forgive people who are what I label as “bullies”.

The bottom line is that through the Grace that is within Oogie and all around him, he makes it to a family that truly loves him.  From the video, he continues to love abundantly!!   Like attracts like, he is  adopted in a family that absolutely loves him and with two boys who were also adopted.

We all have situations where we may have felt that we were “set up”, or “bullied”, “abused”.  But can we love through those situations?  What is on the other side of these tough times that make us even more appreciative of the love within us and all around us?

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