Reduce Stress with Yoga!

Life can be stressful.  To be able to feel your best and enjoy life, every day, it’s important to find ways to relieve stress.

A symbol of relaxation - a flower floating in waterHere are a few quick fixes to help relieve stress with yoga:

Breath deep!

While you are in traffic, at the Mall, dealing with family gatherings just stop and take a deep breath. Try breathing in the nose and out the mouth. See if you can breath in to the count of just 3 at first.  From there move it up to 5 or 8 counts.  Feel the way your body and your mind with just release with this simple technique.

Check out a yoga class that is close by your home or office.

Having a qualified teacher guide you and help you thru breath work and poses make all the difference. When you sign up for a class, you will probably get more yoga done during an hour than you would on your own.  There will be no distractions that normally get in your way. At our Jacksonville Yoga studio, we offer a variety of classes that help you learn how to achieve yoga poses that will help with stress.

  • One of those poses is legs up the wall (as we call it).  All you do is sit sideways against a wall, turn and put your legs up the wall and straighten out your upper body.  Your body will be in the shape of a L.

Put an eyebag or a washcloth on your eyes to tune out the light.

If you are comfortable, stay there for 3 to 5 minutes (15 minutes is the best!).  It is a wonderful way to “decompress”.

Want to find out more about how Yoga can help you reduce the stress in your life?  Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga, and get started feeling better. Namaste.


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