Body Corrective Exercise Classes at

MELT methodJoyce Savitz of Jacksonville Yoga is the most experienced  MELT method instructor in Northern Florida

Joyce teaches you how to quiet your nervous system, enhance body awareness, and re-hydrate connective tissue; bringing your body back to a more ideal state.  With continued practice, this method can help you transform how your body looks and feels.  You will enjoy a healthier, pain-free and active lifestyle, for the best solution to living a longer, better life.

Rehydrate, Roll and Yoga
helps you to improve your overall well being while reducing tension, stress, aches and pains, wrinkles, cellulite, and risk of injury.

+ Improved Flexibility and Mobility
+ Reduced Aches and Pains
+ Slow down the aging process
+ Improved Sleep and Digestion
+ Reduced Wrinkles and Cellulite
+ Helps you Live better
+ Improves Results when you exercise, and reduces Risk of Injury
+ Reduced Tension, Stress, and Headaches
+ Helps you Live Longer, with more Flexibility and Less Pain

Joyce also offers individual, personalized Corrective Exercise Training to help clients and athletes prevent injuries, reduce movement deficiencies, improve muscle imbalances, and maximize results!

Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga or Call her – (904) 635-6762 – to find out more and to sign up for Rehydrate, Roll and Yoga Classes today.