MELT Refresh and Neuro-Strength Workshop

September 11th, 2015

Join us at our Jacksonville Yoga studio on Tuesday evening, September 22, 2015 in a MELT Workshop that will refresh your body and mind with the Lengthening and Hydrating techniques you have learned.

Rehydrate your connective tissue to relive pain with MELTThis will be a good workshop for all MELTers who have purchased MELT equipment but have not practiced using it.

Please NOTE: This is NOT a workshop for beginning MELTers.

  • Joyce Savitz, the most experienced certified MELT instructor in Northeast Florida, will review the first four Rs of MELT that help you get out of pain (Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, and Release).
  • And then Joyce will add the next two Rs of MELT from the NeuroStrength phase of the program, that keep you out of pain (Regenerate and Repattern).

For more details on this MELT Workshop, please see the attached MELT Refresh and Neuro-Strength Workshop PDF.

Don’t suffer with pain. Make your reservations now to attend this MELT Workshop.

Save money and reserve your spot today!

Cost is only $20 per person until September 19th. On September 20th, the cost of attending becomes $35. (Mail your personal check to Jacksonville Yoga at 476 10th Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250), or Call Joyce at 904.249.1111. and charge this Workshop on your Credit Card).

Reminder: This is NOT a workshop for beginning MELTers. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about MELT please Call Joyce 904.249.1111 or Contact Jacksonville Yoga for an invitation to our next Introduction to MELT Workshop.

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Inversion Immersion Workshop

February 5th, 2015

Join talented Yoga and MELT Method instructor, Joyce Savitz for our Inversion Immersion Workshop, Sunday, March 1, 2015, from 9:30 until 11:30AM at our friendly Jacksonville Yoga studio.

Jacksonville Yoga Owner and Anusara Yoga Instructor, Joyce SavitzInversion Therapy in yoga helps you to detoxify your body, removing impurities while you build core strength and muscle firmness, and you enjoy a calm feeling that results in clarity of your mind.

The benefits of learning how to, and then regularly inverting your body are many, from aiding digestion to giving you glowing and healthier skin, to even improving the soundness of your sleep. We will discuss more about the benefits of inversion therapy during this class.

Come join us at our Jacksonville Yoga studio in Jacksonville Beach.

Learn the correct way to build:

– – Handstands

– – Forearm Balance

– – Headstands

– – Shoulder Stand

in this one Workshop.

Find out more on our Inversion Immersion Workshop PDF.

 If you have questions about this Inversion Immersion Workshop, please Contact Jacksonville Yoga or call Joyce 904.249.1111.

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Therapeutic Yoga and MELT Method Weekend Workshop

February 2nd, 2015

Don’t suffer with aches and pains and restricted movement.

Do something that you will enjoy, and that will be helpful to your mind and body.

MELT and Yoga Sessions in the Jacksonville Yoga studio.Join Joyce Savitz, Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26, 2015, and enjoy an entire weekend of  Yoga and MELT sessions that will help you look and feel better, from toe to head!

You don’t need any experience with Yoga or MELT to participate in and enjoy this workshop. Joyce has designed this healthy workshop as open to anyone who wants to learn.

Massage Therapists and Yoga Teachers can earn up to 12 CEUs by attending!

Joyce is a Certified Anasara Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500, Massage Therapist, and Certified MELT Method Instructor. Her peaceful Jacksonville Yoga studio is located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

You can sign up for all sessions, the whole 2 day Workshop, one day, or just the sessions you want to focus on at this time.

– – IF you joined us for the whole Therapeutic Yoga & MELT Method Weekend in February 2014, come refresh your experiences for 1/2 price on April 25 and 26!

Find out prices and more on our Therapeutic Yoga and MELT Method Workshop PDF.

If you have questions about this Yoga and MELT Workshop, please Contact Jacksonville Yoga or call Joyce 904.249.1111.

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10th Anniversary Celebration of Jacksonville Yoga

November 30th, 2014

We are thankful to celebrate 10 years of Jacksonville Yoga!

Jacksonville Yoga Studio 10 Year Anniversary!We have helped hundreds of people in the Jacksonville and Beaches community to look and feel better with Yoga, MELT, and Massage Therapy.

A nice group joined us at the Jacksonville Yoga Studio on Friday, December 5, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Please see our Jacksonville Yoga 10th Anniversary Celebration announcement PDF for more of the exciting details.

We enjoyed such a nice time at our Jacksonville Yoga Studio on 391 3rd Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach, Florida!

If you would like more information about Yoga, MELT or Massage Therapy services offered by Jacksonville Yoga, please call Joyce (904) 635-6762.

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Introductory MELT class at In The Pink

January 23rd, 2014

In The Pink proudly hosted their very first Introductory MELT class at 5:30 pm on January 16, at their Beach location.

MELT back relief with a soft rollerJoyce Savitz of Jacksonville Yoga led a small group of excited lady Cancer Survivors, and the class was an immediate success.
Attendees remarked they enjoyed more feeling and strength in their feet and hands, and looked forward to continuing to practice what they had learned.

In The Pink - botique and salon for cancer survivors in Jacksonville FloridaIn The Pink is a non-profit boutique and salon, dedicated to helping women heal, cope and survive the effects of cancer; both physically and emotionally. Founded by Jeri Millard, who has survived cancer twice herself, In The Pink now with 2 locations in the Jacksonville, Florida area. In The Pink offers everything a cancer patient might need, such as breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras, wigs, scarves, radiation cream, post-surgical garments, and more.

Joyce Savitz is the most experienced certified MELT instructor in Northeast Florida at her Jacksonville Yoga Studio in Jacksonville Beach. In the MELT Method, Joyce teaches you how to quiet your nervous system, enhance body awareness, and re-hydrate connective tissue; bringing your body back to a more ideal state. With continued practice, Joyce and the MELT method can help you transform how your body looks and feels, for a healthier, pain-free and more active, better life.
To find out more about the MELT Method, please Contact Joyce Savitz at Jacksonville Yoga – Or Call 904-249-1111.

Bands Against Breast Cancer - educating and empowering womenJeri was also a Founding Member of Bands Against Breast Cancer. BABC Founder Hank Watson continues to guide the organization to educate and empower women in the fight against breast cancer, with fantastic support of Bands, Musicians, DJs, and Volunteers in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  BABC holds educational events throughout the year, and a big, musical fundraising event, Boobsapalooza, each October; a day of good times and music and celebration of progress in the fight against breast cancer.


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Drum Circle class for meditation

January 20th, 2014

Master Drummer Ajamu Mutima is teaching our Sacred Drum Circle class every Saturday night, from 6 until 7:30PM at our Jacksonville Yoga Studio.

Master Drummer Ajamu Mutima teaches Sacred Drum Circle class at Jacksonville YogaMister Mutima shares his love of life through expression of his talents as a musician, a poet, and a storyteller who has performed at colleges, public and private schools, centers for performing arts, fesivals and celibrations and more, in various cultural settings. To learn more about Mr. Mutima, please visit his website –

Join us at the Jacksonville Studio this Saturday evening! Join in this wonderful, deeply meditative adventure.

Great group tonight drumming with Ajamu at

Posted by Joyce Savitz on Saturday, March 21, 2015

No experience in drumming is necessary; you begin with simple rhythms and gradually progress to more complex rhythms, at your own pace. And individual drums are provided, during the class.

The cost of being part of this amazing experience is $20 per person.

For more information about these Sacred Circle Drum classes, please phone 904-635-6762

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MELT Length and Strength Workshop Series

November 24th, 2013

Join Joyce for this New MELT Length and Strength Workshop Series, Tuesday nights, from 6:30 to 7:45.

MELT method for health at Jacksonville YogaJoyce Savitz, the first and most experienced certified MELT trainer in North Florida, will help you find out how to relieve pain and look and feel better.

Learn MELT Length moves to help hydrate your connective tissue, and MELT Strength techniques to help expand your understanding of neurocore and girdle stabilization exercises.

Each technique is specific to improving shoulder and pelvic girdle stability as well as spinal stabilization and core stability. The MELT Strength Workshops will include multiple techniques using:

– – resistant bands

– – MELT Rollers

– – body weight

Join us: ALL 4 MELT Length and Strength Workshops for $100

3 workshops for $85

2 workshops for $55

1 workshop for $30

To sign up for these MELT Length and Strength Workshops, or if you have any questions about MELT – Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

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MELT Method at Jacksonville Yoga

November 11th, 2013

Find out about the MELT Method, now offered by Jacksonville Yoga studio.

The MELT Method videoJacksonville Yoga has the first and most experienced certified MELT Method instructor in Northeast Florida – Joyce Savitz.

The MELT Method will help you to:

– – quiet your nervous system
– – enhance body awareness
– – re-hydrate connective tissue

The MELT Method helps you bring your body back to a more ideal state.

With continued practice, Joyce and the MELT Method can help you transform how your body looks and feels. 

You will enjoy a healthier, pain-free and active lifestyle, for the best solution to living a longer, better life.

Please view this short video to learn more about the MELT Method.

For more information about MELT, and to sign up for classes, please Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

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Reduce Stress with Yoga!

October 26th, 2013

Life can be stressful.  To be able to feel your best and enjoy life, every day, it’s important to find ways to relieve stress.

A symbol of relaxation - a flower floating in waterHere are a few quick fixes to help relieve stress with yoga:

Breath deep!

While you are in traffic, at the Mall, dealing with family gatherings just stop and take a deep breath. Try breathing in the nose and out the mouth. See if you can breath in to the count of just 3 at first.  From there move it up to 5 or 8 counts.  Feel the way your body and your mind with just release with this simple technique.

Check out a yoga class that is close by your home or office.

Having a qualified teacher guide you and help you thru breath work and poses make all the difference. When you sign up for a class, you will probably get more yoga done during an hour than you would on your own.  There will be no distractions that normally get in your way. At our Jacksonville Yoga studio, we offer a variety of classes that help you learn how to achieve yoga poses that will help with stress.

  • One of those poses is legs up the wall (as we call it).  All you do is sit sideways against a wall, turn and put your legs up the wall and straighten out your upper body.  Your body will be in the shape of a L.

Put an eyebag or a washcloth on your eyes to tune out the light.

If you are comfortable, stay there for 3 to 5 minutes (15 minutes is the best!).  It is a wonderful way to “decompress”.

Want to find out more about how Yoga can help you reduce the stress in your life?  Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga, and get started feeling better. Namaste.

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MELT Workshop for Beaches Community Kitchen

October 11th, 2013

Join Joyce Savitz of Jacksonville Yoga for a special  MELT Workshop to raise money to support the Beaches Community Kitchen, November 09, 2013, at Jacksonville Yoga.

MELT Length and StrengthJoyce is the only Trained and Certified MELT Method instructor in Northeast Florida.  She will help you learn how to transform how your body looks and feels with continued, restorative practice.

The MELT Method can help you to:

+ quiet your nervous system
+  slow down the aging process
+ enhance body awareness
+ re-hydrate connective tissue

Read or download and print our flyer about this Special MELT Workshop to raise funds for the Beaches Community Kitchen.

Beaches Community KitchenThe Beaches Community Kitchen volunteers prepare and deliver hot, healthy cooked meals to elderly or disabled needy beaches residents. The recipients are people struggling to maintain independent living, but unable to provide healthy meals for themselves. Our beaches recipients may be blind, weak and frail, wheelchair bound, often have no family and are living alone, low-income, and many are in their 90’s and homebound.

Beaches Community Kitchen (BCK) serves about 6,000 meals each year, at a cost of under $2.00 per meal. Each meal is heartily portioned to actually provide 2 – 3 meals for each recipient. There is no charge to those who receive these meals.

BCK is a is a 501c3 organization.

If you have questions about MELT or would like to sign up for this helpful MELT Workshop, please Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga, or Call (904-249-1111 .

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