MELT Length and Strength Workshop Series

Join Joyce for this New MELT Length and Strength Workshop Series, Tuesday nights, from 6:30 to 7:45.

MELT method for health at Jacksonville YogaJoyce Savitz, the first and most experienced certified MELT trainer in North Florida, will help you find out how to relieve pain and look and feel better.

Learn MELT Length moves to help hydrate your connective tissue, and MELT Strength techniques to help expand your understanding of neurocore and girdle stabilization exercises.

Each technique is specific to improving shoulder and pelvic girdle stability as well as spinal stabilization and core stability. The MELT Strength Workshops will include multiple techniques using:

– – resistant bands

– – MELT Rollers

– – body weight

Join us: ALL 4 MELT Length and Strength Workshops for $100

3 workshops for $85

2 workshops for $55

1 workshop for $30

To sign up for these MELT Length and Strength Workshops, or if you have any questions about MELT – Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga.

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