MELT Workshop for Beaches Community Kitchen

Join Joyce Savitz of Jacksonville Yoga for a special  MELT Workshop to raise money to support the Beaches Community Kitchen, November 09, 2013, at Jacksonville Yoga.

MELT Length and StrengthJoyce is the only Trained and Certified MELT Method instructor in Northeast Florida.  She will help you learn how to transform how your body looks and feels with continued, restorative practice.

The MELT Method can help you to:

+ quiet your nervous system
+  slow down the aging process
+ enhance body awareness
+ re-hydrate connective tissue

Read or download and print our flyer about this Special MELT Workshop to raise funds for the Beaches Community Kitchen.

Beaches Community KitchenThe Beaches Community Kitchen volunteers prepare and deliver hot, healthy cooked meals to elderly or disabled needy beaches residents. The recipients are people struggling to maintain independent living, but unable to provide healthy meals for themselves. Our beaches recipients may be blind, weak and frail, wheelchair bound, often have no family and are living alone, low-income, and many are in their 90’s and homebound.

Beaches Community Kitchen (BCK) serves about 6,000 meals each year, at a cost of under $2.00 per meal. Each meal is heartily portioned to actually provide 2 – 3 meals for each recipient. There is no charge to those who receive these meals.

BCK is a is a 501c3 organization.

If you have questions about MELT or would like to sign up for this helpful MELT Workshop, please Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga, or Call (904-249-1111 .

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