Rapid Release Relief Therapy

Joyce Savitz of Jacksonville Yoga studio is a professional MELT Method instructor, Yoga Instructor, and Massage Therapist, and has found Rapid Release Therapy (a Trade Mark) to be a remarkable breakthrough in therapeutic technology, using the Pro 2 hand-held instrument to relieve soft tissue problems.

  • The Pro 2 instrument can relieve problems which affect nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Rapid Release Pro 2 Vibration Technology

Rapid Release Therapy was developed to target scar tissue adhesions, by applying a specific frequency that is also known to relax muscle spasms. The result is the Pro 2, a lightweight, maneuverable targeted, high speed vibration instrument.

The Discovery channel show called “Health Briefs” explores breakthroughs in medical technology. The following video from one program of that TV show discusses Rapid Release Therapy (RRT), which uses High Speed Vibration Therapy (TM) to relieve restricted range of motion and pain problems which affect nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, often caused by scar tissue adhesions.

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) relies upon the scientific principle of resonance.  Have ever seen how a piano note can cause vibration of a corresponding guitar string across a room? The guitar string absorbs vibrational energy from the sound waves resonated by the piano note, and oscillates.  Resonance is the same principle applied in the classic example in which an the opera singer created sound wave vibrations with her voice which resulted in a crystal glass brealing in a different part of the room.  There are other devices that attempt to relive pain with vibration, but the Pro 2 instrument, developed by Rapid Release Technology operates at a frequency over 3 times faster than the fastest of their competition to achieve results.

Rapid Release Technology Pro 2

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If you have questions about our experiences with Rapid Release Therapy using the Pro 2 by Rapid Release Technology, please Contact Joyce at Jacksonville Yoga or Call her – (904) 635-6762.