Yoga Class & Massage Therapy Prices

Refresh your body and spirit with restorative Yoga classes, or a relaxing therapeutic massage, all at reasonable costs!

Jacksonville Yoga Classes Yoga Classes: view class descriptions | schedule an appointment
Walk-in $20.00*
Ten week progressive series
10 classes within 10 weeksIf you do have a makeup and sign up and pay for the following series, you are welcome to do makeups that may have occurred in the series before.
Students are welcome to join after series has started.REFUND POLICY:   We can give refunds before a series starts (less a $30 administration fee).  No refunds after a series has started.  
Punchcard:  8 classes within 3 months (your guest may use your card) $135.00*

Private session $85.00*
Private session with 2 to 5 people $120.00*
Jacksonville Massage Therapy Massage Therapy: view therapy descriptions | schedule an appointment
One half  hour session $50.00
One hour session $85.00
Hour and a half session $120.00

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