Avoid wrist pain from yoga


Pain in the wrist while doing yoga can be s symptom of a misalignment in your shoulders. My teacher, John Friend, taught me about this when I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist which was causing me alot of pain in handstand, sun salutation, backbends and any arm balance.

So here is the key: top of the arm bones back/lowertips of the shouldblades in!

Usually we all bend forward to read, type on the computor, take care of children and loved ones. The very top of the arm bone (at the shoulder) usually goes forward from the above activities. Try facing a wall and take your right arm out to the side, palm up, and press the little finger part of the hand into the wall. Take the top of the arm bone back as you turn your body away from the wall. Feel the lower tip of your shoulder blade moving into your back. Then when you are doing backbends, etc. see if you can keep this action. Hopefully, this will help to heal your pain in the wrist!

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