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Joyce: I can earnestly say since I have started Yoga classes, I find that my balance has improved very much. Having to walk with a cane due to muscle weakness, surprisingly, I not fallen since I have been taking your classes, which has been for the last 3 months. Although I have missed a few classes on the way, due to personal obligations, I fully intend to continue with the classes as often as possible. Thank you for your continuous effort, along with your encouragement and urging me to attend the classes. You have not only assisted, in extending your kindness, but your have been a contribution to my spirit of wellness that will always be remembered. God Bless you always, Lita

Lita Cerni

I wanted to learn Yoga and several people mentioned Joyce Savitz’ name. Being over sixty years old and knowing nothing about Yoga, it took courage to seek out a stranger and ask her to twist my body in positions I had never heard of while remaining calm!

I gathered my brave being, made the call and the rest was easy. I took private lessons for the first six months and gradually began classes. The rest has been wonderful. Regardless of where I am or where I go I know that when I am having a problem getting into or out of a pose or learning to do a pose with more ease and enjoyment – I call Joyce Savitz. Joyce understands the working of the body muscles, tendons and bones better than my personal physician or any medical therapist I know. How fortunate I am to have met someone so knowledgeable.

Did I mention a fantastic massage?

Bobbie Lynde

I was determined not to let my scoliosis and frequent sciatica ruin my life. Yoga has made a world of difference. Joyce takes time, even in a full class, to pay attention to and individualize the poses, addressing changes in posture to prevent inadvertent injury. Each day, at work and leisure, I pay attention to that little “Joyce voice” in my head telling me to “lengthen” and “shoulders back.” Yoga is not just about learning to relax… it’s about a whole new way of life.


My wife, Cathy, and I have been yoga students for the past ten years primarily studying within the Anusara tradition established by John Friend. In all of our experience, we have found that Joyce Savitz excels in Anusara instruction focusing on proper alignment based on her self-actualized anatomical correctness while blending in the divine residing within. We are so blessed to have an Anusara certified teacher of this caliber in our own back yard equaling the direction to which we have been exposed at workshops with such noted instructors as John Friend, Doug Keller, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Betsey Downing. Regular students with Joyce actually receive more individual attention than is afforded at singular events and workshops held across the county.

Ed & Kathy Hodgens

“Yoga classes with Joyce Savitz:

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Yoga sessions to integrate, balance, breath with and embody your mind, body and spirit!…

Barbara James


Your Yoga classes have meant so very much to me. The fact that you are a Licensed Massage Therapist (excellent at that as well, I might add) AND an extremely adept and knowledgeable Yoga instructor makes an unbeatable
combination in the reconstitution of my body which I’ve abused through accidents and/or neglect for most of my life. It has been difficult, and at times discouraging, to be in a class with the majority of the students being 20 to 30 years younger than myself, but your unflagging enthusiasm, limitless patience, and clear explanations of what you are trying to accomplish with the stretches and poses make it all worth while. I am most impressed with your “no pain, no pain!” approach. It works!

Thank you.

Wharton Donaldson

I have been working with Joyce Savitz for as long as I can remember. She was always a caring and sensitive massage therapist. She studied the physical body and attended many classes and seminars in massage therapy.

She has shown the same desire to continue to learn and to be the best Yoga Instructor ever. She takes great pains to see that her students are doing their poses correctly and to be sure that they are not injured. While many of her students have had injuries in the past, Joyce works with these students individually to assure their best possible benefit.

Because she looks so great when she demonstrates a pose, it gives the students incentive to emulate her. She is also a spiritual and calming influence in the classes.

Susan Stein

I have know Joyce for over twenty years as my massage therapist and occasional yoga instructor. As an aging athlete she has been instrumental in keeping me in good health. She has a vast knowledge of the human body which she shares with her clients. I think anyone in need of “bodywork” would be well served by contacting Joyce Savitz.

Mark F. Travis
Intrepid Capital Management

Joyce introduced me to the practice of yoga over ten years ago and it has changed my life. I began doing triathlons 22 years ago and thought the only way to stay fit was to workout as many days a week my schedule allowed. Over
time this took its toll on my body and began to affect my ability to practice dentistry.

Joyce introduced me to yoga and the concept of “working inward” not just working out. The difference in my body and attitude toward staying fit has been totally changed. Through years of developing my yoga practice with
Joyce’s guidance I have learned to respect my body and spirit.

Joe Barton

As a senior citizen, I wish to state that yoga classes by Joyce Savitz is improving my health and overall well-being.

Trudy Clark

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