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Jacksonville Yoga SessionAll  of the classes offered at her Jax Beach Yoga studio are taught by Joyce Savitz.

Rehydrate, Roll,Release

Jax Yoga StudioMost people are afraid to start yoga because they feel tight and inflexible.  I always recommend the class to start.  Why?  The more hydrated the connective tissue is the more flexible you will be.  This is the best way to start your yoga practice.  We will be working with hydrating the connective tissue with basic movements as well as using a soft roller.  All levels enjoy this class

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Medicinal Movement:  The Latest Evolution of Yoga!

We start with sitting and tuning into our true essence:

1) Infinite Power of the Central Channel, from there we move into simple movements that enhance the circumferential form of the ribs.

2). Moving back to the roots by activating the feet and legs, the pelvis stretches back from the ribs as we keep the ribs radiant and full.  It’s like a way to create traction in your own body and we stretch the belly FORWARD and UP!!  Feels wonderful!

3).  The we move to the neck and head.  Allowing the top of the ears to move back (behind the shoulders) and lengthening the neck FORWARD and UP continues the lengthening of the Central Channel.  You will note that where your head is affects your lower back!  Its a nice surprise!!

4).  We end by assimilating the new changes in our body as we feel the energy of this wonderful source that flows through us ALL!!

Once you sign up for the Medicinal Movement series, you will receive a copy of the sequence so you can practice at home!!

Jacksonville Yoga: Private Session

This is a session where you work with Joyce on a one-on-one basis and work with any physical therapeutic problems. Joyce can set up a program that is built around your specific physical needs. This is also great for those who prefer one-on-one to a class atmosphere. Joyce will give you notes to remind you of the things learned during the session.

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