Why Medicinal Movement?

I have done Yoga since 1974. I have seen the changes that have happened in my body as I age. I have known other people who have taken Yoga with me in the past as well as teachers who have taught even longer than me. What astounded me was the number of hip replacements that have happened in this field of the people we have all respected. Some of these “advanced” poses have caused ligament damage in my knees (and I have used good alignment skills while doing these poses). In the past few years, I haven’t felt GREAT after practice so it inspired me to move to other avenues such as the MELT Method, Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT), Bowspring, etc.

I have developed Medicinal Movement – a simplified series of movements which are invigorating yet nurturing; the most restorative practices I have ever experienced.

What I also have learned is that as SOON as I misalign, I know it! It just doesn’t feel right and therefore I can effectively correct. What I have noticed in other styles that I have done and taught, I could get away with misaligning and not feel the negative impact so could “get away with it” until it was too late. And this is from someone that has ALWAYS worked hard on alignment!!

It would be so much easier to just keep teaching the same thing and people seem to like not having to change. However, I can’t honestly do something when I have found another way that is so much more healthy for my body, mind and spirit. I am used to being a pioneer in that I started Yoga here way before many and even got ridiculed.

So once again we begin and move into a new, healthier direction.


Twisted cat pose - Power Thru Posture

Pyramid pose with Bow, Arc, Twist - Power Thru Posture


Come and join me in Medicinal Movement! Enjoy this wonderful curvy way of alignment that really brings us back to how we were as children. Pain free, happy, bouncy, curvy, open, and invigorated!

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