Rehydrate, Roll, and Yoga

Why Rehydrate, Roll, and Yoga classes? Many people appreciate how much better they feel after a massage. And some people have found out that properly done, foam rolling can help you feel better, much like a massage does.


Rehydrate your connective tissue to relive pain with MELT

Jacksonville Yoga’s Joyce Savitz has been teaching simple Rehydrate and Roll techniques for foam rolling since 2012. Based on the concept shared in an article in Prevention magazine, Joyce and her students have confirmed that these simple foam rolling techniques can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.  Hydrating the connective tissue makes everyday movements easier (as well as more advanced poses).  Joyce has been trained in the MELT Method.  This class combines her knowledge from MELT, MELT neuro-strength, as well as her background in in the newest alignment techniques in Medicinal Movement.

And proper foam rolling performed as part of your practice actually helps to reduce occasional post exercise discomfort.

Joyce’s students have told her how the foam rolling techniques that she has shared with them have also helped to ease many of their aches and pains (by improving blood flow; rehydrating and restoring muscular and joint function).  They sleep much better too!


Joyce Savitz demonstrating MELT Method on roller

To get the benefits of foam rolling without adding pain, Joyce recommends attending one of her Rehydrate, Roll, and Yoga sessions at Jacksonville Yoga studio, in Jacksonville Beach.

The 10 week Rehydrate, Roll, and Yoga series is only $130!  Monday's at 5pm and Wednesday's at 9:45am

Joyce offers this series at a very affordable price, to make it available to help more people who are suffering with various aches and pains.

  • Based on her experience and feedback from students, it is advised to have a private session with Joyce before starting a series with a group of people.


Find out more about pain relief with Rehydrate, Roll, and Yoga; just Contact Jacksonville Yoga or Call (904) 635-6762.