Connective Tissue Hydration with Body Postures


Jacksonville Yoga studio is now offering Medicinal Movement classes:

Relieving body pain through correct alignment.

A seasoned exercise veteran, with four decades of exercise and body movement specialties, Joyce Savitz has found that as we age the connective tissue gets more dehydrated resultingin stuck energy and subsequent pain.

Hydrating this tissue with movements allows body tissue to become more pliable and flexible again, which ultimately helps the skeletal structure to return to its correct alignment, thus relieving bodily pain.

Savitz shared, It's all about connective tissue. I loved my client's responses when I started offering Yoga Rolling classes which targets connective tissue by rolling the body on soft foam rollers.I loved it but when I started working with another way of alignment using bent legs vs straight, I immediately knew this technique was a game changer.

Crouching Cat pose - Power Through Posture class
Medicinal Movement pose - Jacksonville Yoga (904) 635-6762.
Humble cat pose - Power Thru Posture

I now teach you how to use your body in a curvy, springy, and healthy postures which create optimal functionality and graceful movement for any body.

You will learn alignment that will not only take you out of pain but will change your life by recognizing the greatness within yourself and sendingthat out into the world.

Twisted cat pose - Power Thru Posture
Pyramid pose - Power Thru Posture
Sphinx pose - Power Thru Posture


Come and join us! Got questions about our new alignment techniques? Call the studio (904) 635-6762 or Contact Jacksonville Yoga.

Enjoy this wonderful curvy way of alignment that really brings us back to how we were as children. Pain free, happy, bouncy, curvy, open, invigorated and free!

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