Inversion Immersion Workshop


Join talented Yoga and MELT Method instructor, Joyce Savitz for ourInversion Immersion Workshop, Sunday, March 1, 2015, from 9:30 until 11:30AM at our friendly Jacksonville Yoga studio.

Inversion Therapy in yoga helps you to detoxify your body, removing impurities while you build core strength andmuscle firmness, and you enjoy a calm feeling that results in clarity of your mind.

The benefits of learning how to, and then regularly inverting your body are many, from aiding digestion to giving you glowing and healthier skin, to even improving the soundness of your sleep. We will discuss more about the benefits of inversion therapy during this class.

Come join us at our Jacksonville Yoga studio in Jacksonville Beach.

Learn the correct way to build:

- - Handstands

- - Forearm Balance

- - Headstands

- - Shoulder Stand

in this one Workshop.

Find out more on our Inversion Immersion Workshop PDF.

 If you have questions about this Inversion Immersion Workshop, please Contact Jacksonville Yoga or call Joyce 904.249.1111.

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