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Our posture makes all the difference inhow we age.

In these past two years, I have learned for my self as well as my clients how we sit, how we sit down, and how we get up can save our backs, knees, feet, and hips.

How we hold our ribs can save ourshoulders, our necks, arms, hips and lower back. The breath makes all the difference in how we are able to support ourselves. The Latin meaning of breath is Spirit.

What saddens me is seeing so many people my age and younger walking with a limp and grimacing as they go to sit or stand. Also, it does take a little time to break our old patterns that are thousands of years old.

The more we start to repattern our old neuropathways, the more we save ourselves from aging disease.

Join us for our classes at Just call teacher Joyce Savitz (904) 635-6762 for more information about Medicinal Movement and to sign up to join our classes!

Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!!

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