Power Through Posture Series


Jacksonville Yoga offers Power Through Posture as a 10 week series.You will feel a paradigm shift in the easy way your body moves!!

Crouching Cat pose - Power Through Posture class

This Power Through Posture series is designed to teach people a healthypostural alignment system for:

--- Sitting

--- Standing

--- Walking

--- Running

--- Biking

--- Going to floor

--- Getting up from the floor

and other common body movements.

People who have foot, knee, hip, back or neck pain have discovered whiletaking this series how their posture was contributing to the discomfort. Students explore optimal alignment through forming their bodies into therapeutic shapes and making therapeutic movements. This series introduces attendees to new, healthy habits, and these students notice how old unhealthy habits begin to fade.

Humble cat pose - Power Thru Posture
Twisted cat pose - Power Thru Posture
Pyramid pose - Power Thru Posture

We are all in the same boat of continuing to learn how to live better. We all want to learn new ways to nurture ourselves!

Sphinx pose - Power Thru Posture
Pyramid pose with Bow, Arc, Twist - Power Thru Posture <b= r>

Cost for this entire series is only $130. (That's only $13 for each life-changing class!)

--- Power Through Posture series schedule will be established when this series is offered again.

If you would like to find out more about our Power Through Posture series and be notified when this series will be offered again, please Contact Joyce 904.635.6762 at Jacksonville Yoga.

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