Sit on your hamstrings!!


Have you ever noticed how you sit?  We all have to sit throughout the day.  Sometimes for long periods of time.  If you sit like most people, the pressure is usually behind the sit bones which causes the lower back curve to move posteriorly.  The lower back curve should move into the body versus out.  The most common place of herniation is in L4-L5 because most of us are "stuck in a tuck".  The center of gravity is in the sacrum (S-2 to be exact)  Try lifting the hamstrings toward the buttocks and the buttucks up toward the sacrum.  You will notice that your lower back curve will move in.  This is just the beginning of helping you maintain your lower back curve and get out of pain in that lower back, knees and even feet!  Join us at and learn more about keeping the curves in our spine so that we can move without pain and be happier as we age.


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